Daily Prompt: Test

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Boy oh boy have I had lots of TEST!  Finally I figured it out, that’s life. Well so much for the ah ha moment. There were lots of sleepless nights whenever a teacher would tell us that we were going to be tested on what we supposedly had learned! Egads! Learned? Well dip my brain in liquid nitrogen!  But if I thought as I got older that I’d be less stressed with any sort of test, I was wrong. However, I have learned to listen more carefully, breathe like I’m climbing Mt. Everest, meditate until my heart rate resembles a hibernating bear and then I’m ready for the TEST!



mouse-woman Just the word alone says so much to all of my senses. Grateful to be able to visit people, places and things that are nostalgic. Such as Jeff mentions about picking apples and drinking apple cider. I planted a dwarf braeburn apple tree several years ago because I like the ease of picking apples right in my own yard, not to mention how the blossoms feed certain insects. 

Sitting outside on a very starry night invokes memories of growing up in the country where one can see countless stars and a few planets with the naked eye. Listening to the chirping of crickets, the rib-it of toads, an occasional bat darting after its evening meal.

Nostalgia to me is like a warm blanket on a cold, wintry day. It’s like the sound of a child’s laughter. The peace of knowing I am enough just as I am. 

Snowflakes at Sunrise

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Sitting alone in my parked car overlooking the ocean. I can’t count the number of times I’ve visited her, and still she’s breathtaking.

Small waves ebb and flow. A few sandpipers hop quickly away from the edge of the water, bobbing their small gray and white heads up in down in search of breakfast. Hoovering above the water lots of seagulls swoop low enough to spot a crab, a fish or maybe a piece of driftwood resembling a possible meal.

Here I feel so peaceful. Here everything seems easier to put in its place in life. Here I am aware of my smallness, that of every human. The power of the sea. The beauty of the snowflakes falling at sunrise to water more water.

I wonder if the snowflakes linger on the surface to ride a wave. Do they cling together before bidding each other farewell? I think they resemble the white lace like that of a ladies glove. Or like the tablecloth spread over a solid one before the table is set. Snowflakes at sunrise awaken ice and fire within me, both beautiful in their own way.

Words from My Life’s Garden

I’ve thought of posting to my blog many times but the “right” words seemed always elusive. Then I thought of how often I’ve planted tiny seeds in my garden or flower pot. Each time I make sure to carefully follow the instructions so that I can enjoy and share the lovely flowers and delicious vegetables that will grow. Now I’m allowing myself to take the tiny steps necessary for me to learn with WordPress how to relax, learn and enjoy the wonderful world of blogging. And thanks to all of you bloggers who take the time to support and encourage the more timid ones like myself.