Snowflakes at Sunrise

Embed from Getty Images


Sitting alone in my parked car overlooking the ocean. I can’t count the number of times I’ve visited her, and still she’s breathtaking.

Small waves ebb and flow. A few sandpipers hop quickly away from the edge of the water, bobbing their small gray and white heads up in down in search of breakfast. Hoovering above the water lots of seagulls swoop low enough to spot a crab, a fish or maybe a piece of driftwood resembling a possible meal.

Here I feel so peaceful. Here everything seems easier to put in its place in life. Here I am aware of my smallness, that of every human. The power of the sea. The beauty of the snowflakes falling at sunrise to water more water.

I wonder if the snowflakes linger on the surface to ride a wave. Do they cling together before bidding each other farewell? I think they resemble the white lace like that of a ladies glove. Or like the tablecloth spread over a solid one before the table is set. Snowflakes at sunrise awaken ice and fire within me, both beautiful in their own way.


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