Lost Souls

I always enjoyed Gary’s company. His smile could light up any dark room.

Hey there Grantly, how’s it going? Say what? A brain tumor?

Robert, I’m worried about my mother. I haven’t heard from her in weeks. I can’t seem to contact my brother either. I’m driving out there this afternoon. I’ll see you when you get home tomorrow from work. Be safe

Momma Hattie! Momma Hattie! Are you ok? You’re bleeding!

Phyllis here comes Tommy. How do I look? He’s so cute. Hi Tommy!

Ok let’s go see your cousin in Bellport. We can figure out what to tell our parents later tonight.

Hey, we’re having a party. Both of you should come. It’ll be fun. Nah. I don’t want to go Myrtle. Let’s do something else. Oh, you’re really going? Ok, I’ll see you later.

So many have lost their way and my life often intersected with theirs before events happened that would alter there lives forever. They are gone. Dead. Some from terrible illnesses. Some from addictions. Some from auto accidents. Some from murder. But one thing they all  had in common was the inner soul reaching mark they left on my life. So I write because they cannot. I write to ease the pain. I write to feel joy. I write to not be silenced anymore. I write to keep them alive so their light, however dimmed by childhood trauma, shines on. It is my privilege, my connection to them and theirs to me. Because I too was once a lost soul.


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