For a long time I didn’t understand the need think  too deeply about the meaning of this word. It seemed that quite a bit of what I valued, appreciated, thought highly of, esteemed, cherished, doted on, held in high regards, looked up to, or yearned for was shaped by people, places and things way before I even had an inkling of what value meant to different people. Some people valued things, others valued people, some valued only themselves.

Over time I have noticed that value to me is mostly about my relationships, to myself and others. Fortunately I have been blessed to be with truly valuable people. My Higher Power is at the top of that list. Then there are my children. At one point in my life, in a galaxy far, far away I thought highly of their father. I cherish my close friends. But as I continue to grow and change in very healthy ways I notice how much I value and appreciate myself. That is a miracle. One I’m grateful for.

I don’t have to devalue someone in order to value myself. I used to be afraid of what others thought about me, I didn’t feel that I “fit” in, I felt that I was always on the outside looking in. But looking in at what, who? I’ve been given countless opportunities to learn life’s lessons. One big one has been self-value. What am I worth to me? I live with myself 24/7, 365. Instead of trying to fit in or be what I am not, I’m learning that I am a unique, complex yet simple human being. I’m learning to celebrate my existence, not run from it. Value. She’s my friend now. I hope it’s yours too.






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