When I saw this word I thought of how often a child is told to be careful. When I was a little person in school the teachers used this word a lot. I think it can be helpful to warn a child or anyone about possible danger, but the word also can be used to often and create fear. When I blog I’m sometimes too careful out of fear of what someone else may think about what I write. By continuing to show up on the pages of WordPress I give my fear of being too careful an option, a healthier one. So I proceed with some caution based on the guidelines from WordPress, but I have an agreement with fear that as long as I have my life jacket on securely I’ll keep taking leaps over careful to explore, nourish and enjoy my gifts, talents and skills.


6 thoughts on “Careful

  1. hi! i believe that we learn along the way whatever endeavor we pursue. blogging is a great way to express one’s self and i am glad that you have given it a try. it pays to be careful though but as i have written, do not overdo it. relax and enjoy the ride. 😀

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am allowing the process of blogging to happen. At times it is very hard to relax and just let go. I’m learning patience, technique and lots of other things. But I’m also having lots of fun.

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