Wow! Whew! Those were the words that first came to my mind when I saw this word for today’s word prompt.

Unseen? I know this place all too well and it doesn’t stir up feelings or thoughts of being safe, accepted or completely human.

Wow! Unseen! I know this word has different meanings, like for a detective it may be a clue was overlooked. For a child playing a game of hide-and-go-seek, being unseen was often the object and was usually fun.

But there’s the ugly side of unseen, the painful part of being unseen, the loneliness, the inhumanity of those forcing others to be unseen. And I don’t mean that one should take advantage of others to make them seen, but neither should one be made to feel or think they are invisible, unseen.

It matters not whether human, animal, atmosphere or anything else. We only are renters on this planet in this vast universe, we never “made” anything. We are sharers of this world, same waters, land and air. Twenty four hours apiece, no more no less each day, no matter if we are seen or unseen. Why is it so that we still remain unseen? Unseen