Space and Time

Each time that I return to these pages to write it reminds me of the things that space and time still have left open for me.

The last several days have been exceptional. Blessings unexpected. I’m so appreciative and joyful that the people in my life, my inner circle, are so genuine.

So for now that’s all I want to share but I’ll be back!




Welp, it’s been a while since I’ve wrote on my blog here at WordPress.

The word prompt, Tame, reminds me of how writers’ block keeps or rather that I allow writers’ block to tame my creativity to almost non-exist.

But every so often rays of light from within push past the illusionary bricks in my mind and permit me to breathe and write easily.

Tame? I like the word. It makes me also think of wild horses, running freely in their own place without interference. Writing is like rounding up horses, the stampede of old toxic words pummeling me to be quiet, what do I have to say that would be of interest.

Toxic taming.



Not long ago, well not that long ago but long ago enough, I remember people making promises.

“Sure I’m coming to school to see your painting.”

“Oh I’m sorry but I had to work late.”

” I’m definitely going to be there next time.”

The list goes on and on. So when I became old enough to decide about making a promise I thought long and hard about it. That look of disappointment on a child’s face, the sadness in their voice and slumped shoulders isn’t worth letting them down. So I learned not to promise. I did show up for things they were doing in school, for the PTA meetings, the school board discussions, the field trips, the games and just to stop by to let them know I missed them.

So not so long ago, but just long enough ago, I promises I wouldn’t promise. But I do know how to show up.


Wow! Whew! Those were the words that first came to my mind when I saw this word for today’s word prompt.

Unseen? I know this place all too well and it doesn’t stir up feelings or thoughts of being safe, accepted or completely human.

Wow! Unseen! I know this word has different meanings, like for a detective it may be a clue was overlooked. For a child playing a game of hide-and-go-seek, being unseen was often the object and was usually fun.

But there’s the ugly side of unseen, the painful part of being unseen, the loneliness, the inhumanity of those forcing others to be unseen. And I don’t mean that one should take advantage of others to make them seen, but neither should one be made to feel or think they are invisible, unseen.

It matters not whether human, animal, atmosphere or anything else. We only are renters on this planet in this vast universe, we never “made” anything. We are sharers of this world, same waters, land and air. Twenty four hours apiece, no more no less each day, no matter if we are seen or unseen. Why is it so that we still remain unseen? Unseen


Sometimes the safest places are underground. When I was a young child I’d hide under my bed and pull the blankets down so no one could see me. It felt like I was in another world, far away from the sometimes insanity of the adult world.

When I garden and did underground I discover so many other living creatures that come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Busy with keeping the underground alive that in turn plays a very big part in keeping us humans alive above ground.

Unimaginable serene beauty await us in cenotes around the world in places like Mexico or the karst in Ireland. Bodies of water that despite being formed over many, many decades are great sources to explore and be inspired by.

For a good amount of my life I kept myself in an underground place of dreams, false ego, shame, lack of true inner compassion. Gratefully just as there are steps that take us to beautiful waters underground, there are those same steps that I continue to climb to the abundant life above.


If someone had told me a few weeks ago, no back in 2012 when I first learned about WordPress, that I’d be having this much fun, I wouldn’t have believed them. Up until a few weeks ago the tiny flame of my candle of being willing to let go of any expectations regarding blogging was so dim.

But that flicker, that tiny light continues to get brighter each day as I surrender to letting go of fear, worry, anxiety and pessimism. It’s alright for me to get nervous when I log on to WordPress and visit my site. It’s ok to feel a breeze blow against my candle’s flame. That flame is protected now. It’s protected by the joy of learning, the faith that I’m not here to impress just here to be me and the continued support from those who care about me as well as from each of you, fellow blogging candles.