I wonder what to write about this prompt: Wonder.

Well, I could wonder what the weather is like in Timbuktu in Mali, Africa or are people exploring places like Renwick Gallery located in Washington, D.C.

Wonder “bread” is definitely a wonder, wonder what’s in it?

Hmm, wonder how people figured out how to label things as one of the “wonders” of the world?

Maybe you wonder how much more of my wondering you can wonder?

Ok, enough, no wait a minute! I wonder if you know how special we all are? Yes we are full of wonder. Live each day in a wonderful way, learning and growing and keep in wonder of the discovery and journey of life.


That Invisible Doorknob!

Well, here I go again with this ever-present closed in a room looking for that invisible doorknob!

It happens when I want to accomplish a task that seems overwhelming. Things like my papers need to be better organized, but the room I’m in seems to swallow me up alive in frustration.

So what can I do, what must I do? That invisible doorknob is somewhere within reach, I just know it! I’ve been in this room countless times.

O.K. First, take several deep breaths, maybe five or six of them. Ah. One more. Good. Now close my eyes and take a few more deep beaths but be sure it’s safe to close my eyes.

I’m feeling some of the tension subside, drift away. Good.

Now write out a simple and short plan of actions, goals and include a start and end time, but keep it simple. Smile. Smile. Relax. Baby-steps. Forward thinking.

Ok, label my folder for whatever my list shows, for example: rough drafts.

Great. We’re almost finished for now. Just in small steps and one thing at a time in that step.

Yea! I got a folder of rough drafts done today. So tomorrow I follow my list and cross off as I go, then repeat whenever necessary, one day at a time.

Space and Time

Each time that I return to these pages to write it reminds me of the things that space and time still have left open for me.

The last several days have been exceptional. Blessings unexpected. I’m so appreciative and joyful that the people in my life, my inner circle, are so genuine.

So for now that’s all I want to share but I’ll be back!



Welp, it’s been a while since I’ve wrote on my blog here at WordPress.

The word prompt, Tame, reminds me of how writers’ block keeps or rather that I allow writers’ block to tame my creativity to almost non-exist.

But every so often rays of light from within push past the illusionary bricks in my mind and permit me to breathe and write easily.

Tame? I like the word. It makes me also think of wild horses, running freely in their own place without interference. Writing is like rounding up horses, the stampede of old toxic words pummeling me to be quiet, what do I have to say that would be of interest.

Toxic taming.



Not long ago, well not that long ago but long ago enough, I remember people making promises.

“Sure I’m coming to school to see your painting.”

“Oh I’m sorry but I had to work late.”

” I’m definitely going to be there next time.”

The list goes on and on. So when I became old enough to decide about making a promise I thought long and hard about it. That look of disappointment on a child’s face, the sadness in their voice and slumped shoulders isn’t worth letting them down. So I learned not to promise. I did show up for things they were doing in school, for the PTA meetings, the school board discussions, the field trips, the games and just to stop by to let them know I missed them.

So not so long ago, but just long enough ago, I promises I wouldn’t promise. But I do know how to show up.