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I set myself free when I finally let go of the baggage that had a stranglehold on me:





Comparison to others

With Love,


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That word helps to describe how I think and feel about learning how to blog. The last few weeks have been like opening a jack-in-the-box. SURPRISE!!!

I had a jack-in-the-box toy. I loved cranking the handle. But no matter how many times I cranked, that boxed jumping jack startled me and made me laugh. Learning to blog with WordPress has been like that. When I read other bloggers blogs it helps to keep me calm, to feel supported and to want to pay those things forward.

Sure I have lots to learn, that’s o.k. I’m looking forward to the journey. This is a ride I volunteered for, or did I? Clumsy? Yes. Acceptance, yes. Fun, yes. Progress not perfection as I’ve heard and read many times at self-help places.

A newborn baby is clumsy because it is a newborn.That tiny person needs and wants to be lovingly nurtured.  I’m clumsy as a new blogger because it’s new and thanks to all of you fellow bloggers and WordPress I feel lovingly nurtured.




Wow! What a word! This is one reason that learning to blog is so delightful for me: variety. These daily word prompts are powerful!

Promises: maybe Shakespeare meant to keep or not to keep, that is the question. For a long time I didn’t like when someone used the word. I found from my childhood that people lie. Whether they meant to or not didn’t matter. As a child my little person only knew what a person said or did. It wasn’t my job to figure out what an adult meant when they “promised”.

So fast forward many years later. Today I know what it means to make a promise. I also know what it means when someone doesn’t live up to their word or promise: they are human.

What you pretend, becomes reality.

Super positive conversation. Yes I remember pretending as a little child, then the “adults” reality sidetracked that. Thank you for painting such a clear take action picture.

Genius Unbound

If you don’t like where you are in life, simply change it. At any moment in time, you can decide that this is not how your story will go and its truthfully just as simple as that. As a adults we have grown out of one talent that is the key to our transformation…playing “Pretend.”

What I love about children is that they have no ceilings, the moment that they make their mind up about becoming or doing something, they never give up until they find a way to make it work. Over time as we have grown older, we have allowed the opinions of friends and loved ones to dictate our limits. Our minds have been conditioned by society’s view of what its acceptable. We have been duped into being more scared of what someone will think and say, more than we want to pursue what we love.

Now that we know this…

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When I saw this word I thought of how often a child is told to be careful. When I was a little person in school the teachers used this word a lot. I think it can be helpful to warn a child or anyone about possible danger, but the word also can be used to often and create fear. When I blog I’m sometimes too careful out of fear of what someone else may think about what I write. By continuing to show up on the pages of WordPress I give my fear of being too careful an option, a healthier one. So I proceed with some caution based on the guidelines from WordPress, but I have an agreement with fear that as long as I have my life jacket on securely I’ll keep taking leaps over careful to explore, nourish and enjoy my gifts, talents and skills.

Losing Someone Special In the Twilight of Their Lives

As fall approaches, daylight lessens and cool evenings begin in many parts of the world. I like the changes autumn brings. Foliage seems to know its autumn too as it changes summery attire for cooler days and nights. Warm oranges, cinnamon hues, tangerine frosting’s, burgundy edges, fiery red waving petals. All saying to summer this is where you end and I begin, until we meet again.

When reading the post, dusk by don’t confuse the narrator, memories stirred of how losing someone special in the twilight or dusk of their lives has impacted my own life. It’s been years since being awakened one fall evening after falling asleep early due in part to my chronic anemia. As I struggled to come to a decision about what needed to be done for me to heal, my energy was at an all time low.

I felt very much how my fellow blogger, don’t confuse the narrator, describes the in-between of daylight and moonlight. Almost an outer body experience. Like watching myself from a distance while still sitting next to me. Like the light from a candle just before it dies out in its own wax. Someone was calling me, shaking me. At first I thought I was dreaming. The voice got louder and the shaking increased. Groggy and a bit confused as well as annoyed, I turned over to see my daughter looking completely shocked. Quickly thinking she was hurt I sat up with my heartbeat increasing. Holding both my hands and tears flowing now, she quietly said, Gary is dead.

Words? Feelings? Thoughts? None. Someone had removed my heart for a moment. M mind was unable to grasp what language she was speaking. Gary? Dead? What sick joke is this? Who’s telling such a cruel lie? Gary? Gary who I’d just dropped off at his home a few days before? Gary who was in the twilight of his life, his afflicted life. Autumn shared her changing times with me, she showed me how at dusk,   I too will be that special someone lost to others in twilight. leaving the shadow of my life just as daylight meets the night. don’t confuse the narrator