Sometimes the safest places are underground. When I was a young child I’d hide under my bed and pull the blankets down so no one could see me. It felt like I was in another world, far away from the sometimes insanity of the adult world.

When I garden and did underground I discover so many other living creatures that come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Busy with keeping the underground alive that in turn plays a very big part in keeping us humans alive above ground.

Unimaginable serene beauty await us in cenotes around the world in places like Mexico or the karst in Ireland. Bodies of water that despite being formed over many, many decades are great sources to explore and be inspired by.

For a good amount of my life I kept myself in an underground place of dreams, false ego, shame, lack of true inner compassion. Gratefully just as there are steps that take us to beautiful waters underground, there are those same steps that I continue to climb to the abundant life above.