That word helps to describe how I think and feel about learning how to blog. The last few weeks have been like opening a jack-in-the-box. SURPRISE!!!

I had a jack-in-the-box toy. I loved cranking the handle. But no matter how many times I cranked, that boxed jumping jack startled me and made me laugh. Learning to blog with WordPress has been like that. When I read other bloggers blogs it helps to keep me calm, to feel supported and to want to pay those things forward.

Sure I have lots to learn, that’s o.k. I’m looking forward to the journey. This is a ride I volunteered for, or did I? Clumsy? Yes. Acceptance, yes. Fun, yes. Progress not perfection as I’ve heard and read many times at self-help places.

A newborn baby is clumsy because it is a newborn.That tiny person needs and wants to be lovingly nurtured.  I’m clumsy as a new blogger because it’s new and thanks to all of you fellow bloggers and WordPress I feel lovingly nurtured.