Words from My Life’s Garden

I’ve thought of posting to my blog many times but the “right” words seemed always elusive. Then I thought of how often I’ve planted tiny seeds in my garden or flower pot. Each time I make sure to carefully follow the instructions so that I can enjoy and share the lovely flowers and delicious vegetables that will grow. Now I’m allowing myself to take the tiny steps necessary for me to learn with WordPress how to relax, learn and enjoy the wonderful world of blogging. And thanks to all of you bloggers who take the time to support and encourage the more timid ones like myself.


12 thoughts on “Words from My Life’s Garden

    1. Lol! If I reply here as well as other places to your comment it’s because I’m learning my way around WordPress. Arghhhh!!! Sometimes this is how I drive too, around and around!!! LOL!

  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I’m a newbie myself and I think I’d be pretty accurate if I say we all face the same challenge. You’ve already taken the first step and that’s HUGE! 🙂

    1. Catchy name, amileinmyshoes! Love it! thanks for taking time to read and comment on my blog. I’ve taken the challenge in Day Two of WordPress’ Blogging University. So I changed my title to, Write Like No One’s Looking. Just challenging myself is so worth the anxiety and oh no moments!! LOL! Much continuing success to you with whatever challenges come your way too.

  2. I am also a newbie and have still the feeling that world press is fighting me. Also love your comparison to planting seeds in your garden and nurturing them to grow. Guess we need the same patience with our blog…. one seed at a time.

  3. If you love to garden, garden with a passion. Anything not done with love is a wasted opportunity. If you love to blog, bring your love to it and it will be beautiful and great. How could it not?

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